Friday, July 5, 2013


Maybe it is just the true nature of Facebook and the Internet and no I am not talking about the easy access of hardcore porn .... Or any kind of porn for that matter. 

Facebook and the Internet and even the news has become factless bullshit!  Yes you heard it right. What a load of bullshit. I don't mind my ignorant friends who can't tear themselves from the local bar long enough to vote ranting and raving about how shitty the world is and how our president is a no good Muslim.  

There are more than enough facts to base your dislike or disagreement on than just making things up. These are the people posting that the US Govt is spending billions on a weekend vacation for the president and First Lady. Fact check ... Go to the Congressional Budget office (non-partisan) to learn that tax dollars being spent on these trips are zero.  

In 2008 everyone bitched and complained about Jeremiah Wright the Preacher at the presidents church (Christian) because he bashed the US for things. Great that at least is basing your hatred for the president based on what someone else says. But now of course he has been at league with the Muslim Brotherhood (a group that doesn't like Christians or Americans). So which is it?  Is he an American hating Christian or an Egyptian Muslim ....

Good god people are stupid. These are the same slack jawed asswhipes that defended George Bush.  

Check you damn facts!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


There is art in everything. From my friend the painter to my wife the gardner to a chef in a kitchen. Each can make something beautiful out of plane items. 

Are you an artist?  What can you do?

I always dreamed of being a writer and making my living writing novels making enough money to live off in the woods. They I got married (a good thing) and got a dog (also a good thing) and now I have 4 kids (a great thing). 

But I still long to be a writer. Every year I sign up for NaNoWriMo and at least start a new novel. Even got to the 50,000 word mark on 3 of the 6 years. And I write this blog although I don't write this blog more than I actually write it. 

But I am an artist. I do the Que as they say. Or BBQ. Or the master of smoke (sounds more like my college nickname). But that is what I do and I must say I am pretty darn good!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


It appears as if the invasion was called off. The aliens must have seen the vigilant planning we were putting in place (ie loading our guns and pre-impregnating our women folk).

Our flag has never seemed so glorious as when I woke this morning to find that the aliens had not invaded. 

God bless our guns as well as our freedom!

Friday, May 10, 2013


They are coming!  I just saw this through my mega-zoom big lots telescope. We only have a matter of hours before the invasion occurs. Kiss your loved ones and load your guns. The time of reckoning is upon us!

We know the government will not protect us and Hollywood has proven to us over the years that these creatures do not come in peace ... They come to enslave us and drain us of our water and then impregnate our women folk. 


I like my water and no one is going to enslave me!!!!!!


Below are my tattoo's.  each has a specific meaning to me.  Do you have one?